1917 Traditional Leyat Hand Pruner


1917 Traditional Leyat Hand Pruner "The Original Pruner"

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1917 Traditional Leyat Hand Pruner "The Original Pruner"


1917 Traditional Leyat Hand Pruner  "The Original Pruner" Founded in 1917 the Leyat name gained international reputation thanks to their Swiss quality pruning shears distributed throughout the world and now available. to the US market. Leyat is the Original Swiss pruner manufacture. The Leyat pruning shears are used by demanding amateurs and professionals in horticulture, viticulture, arboriculture as well as by hobby gardeners who take care of their gardens and other flowering ornamentals. The 1917 Traditional Leyat hand pruner shown here is the present day version of the first hand pruner designed and produced by Ulysse Leyat back in 1917. This classic design shear is constructed with straight forged aluminum handles. The straight handle configuration allows this shear to be used by both right and left handed users. The cutting blade is coated with PTFE, a non-stick product for easy cleaning and maintenance. The 1917 Traditional is equipped with a sap grove, a shock absorption system and a wire cutting notch. This shear is equipped with Leyat's selective 3 opening position thumb catch. The feature allows the shear to be set to open just enough for the size of the stems  being cut thus reducing the hand squeeze motion and operator fatigue. Recomened Use: Amateur and demanding amateur.Cutting Capacity: 1 inchWeight: 7.9 oz.Length:  8.5 inches.Common Repair Parts:Blade : 46355015Spring : 46355080Shock Absorber : 46355090Pivot Bolt : 46355060Pivot Bolt Nut : 46355065Maintenance Kit : 46355500
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