GG50 AirSpec Safety Mesh Eye Protection


GG50 AirSpec Safety Black Stainless Steel Mesh Eye Protection

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GG50 AirSpec Safety Black Stainless Steel Mesh Eye Protection


GG50 AirSpec Safety Black Stainless Steel Mesh Eye ProtectionThe Elvex AirSpecs with stainless steel mesh ‘lens” are designed to protect the eye socket from pokes and prods of stationary or very low energy, non-fragmenting objects over 1 mm in diameter. Great for humid environments...GUARANTEED Not To FOG!  Great for workers harvesting fruits or crops or arborist using non-powered cutters and trimmers to protect eyes while closely working around leaves, twigs and small tree branches.Feature:Stainless steel mesh ‘lens’ provides limited hazard protection and allows air to freely pass thru for non-fogging protection0.45 mm stainless steel wire lens of 0.8 mm mesh openings is non-rusting and durableSteel mesh ‘lens’ reduces visible light by 60%, so it acts like a sunglass to reduce glareBlack anodized coating on steel mesh reduces reflections and glareWrap around frame design with EVA foam provides a great face seal and eye socket protectionPantoscopic angle adjustment temple allows a better fit on more facesElastic fabric headband is adjustable for a comfortable, secure fitMeets ANSI Z87.1 for basic impact (1” ball-drop) protectionSee the attachements tab above for additional information.Warning:This spectacle meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 Basic Eye Protector. It has a steel mesh "lens"that will protect against larger (<1.0mm diameter), non-fragmenting, low energy particles and objects. This spectacle SHOULD NOT BE USED for high velocity or high mass projectiles or small particles or liquids that can pass through the mesh lens. The mesh lens DOES NOT provide UV protectin and reduces available light by 60%. Used only in a well-lit area. The user must assure that the spectacle can achieve a secure fit, determine if the spectacle will provide adequate protectino from all anticipated hazards and wear the spectacle at all times when exposed to hazards.THIS SPECTACLE PROVIDES LIMITED PROTECTION AND IS NOT INPENETRABLE OR UNBREAKABLE! Many applications require different of additional personal protective equipment of Engineering controls. Inspect this spectacle before each use and replace immediately if any excessive wear or damage exits. FAILURE TO FOLLOW ALL OF THE ABOVE WARNING AND INSTRUCTIONS MAY RESULT IN SERIOUR PERSONAL INJURY INCLUDING BLINDNESS OR DEATH!
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