Stein SMB1000 Lowering Bollard

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STEIN SMB1000 Fixed Lowering Device 1000kg WLL

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STEIN SMB1000 Fixed Lowering Device 1000kg WLL


The STEIN SMB1000 single bollard lowering device has a WLL of 1000kg and designed to work effectively with ropes of up to 14mm (Recommended Rope - STEIN Omega 12mm or 14mm). The line is guided down to the bollard and managed by fairleads both front and rear.

To help prevent damage to the tree the device is fitted with 2 replaceable heavy duty Tree Protection Rubbers made from a hardwearing blend of SBR/NR rubber.

The device weighs in at just 4.4kg so can easily be mounted by one person utilizing the top suspension point with the recommended STEIN Mounting Strap (SS-RCP6004).

For added security it is recommended the device is backed up by securing a sling to the base anchor point terminated in a self-tightening hitch such as a cow-hitch or timber-hitch. (Recommended Sling - STEIN 20mm Multi-Sling SS-3372008005).

Ratchet Strap Specifications

Supplied with a specially designed ratchet strap fitted with Carbon Steel hooks with Keeper Pins to prevent the mounting hooks detaching from the device when not under tension. The webbing is made from a high tenacity 50mm wide polyester yarn and is UV resistant with a 6000kg breaking strength.

This strapping system allows the device to be fitted to tree with a diameter of up to 145cm.

The ratchet meets the requirements of the European Load Restraint Legislation Standard EN12195-2:2001 which requires the buckle to have a lashing capacity (LC) of 1000daN. This capacity is stamped on the ratchet together with a label for full traceability. The breaking strength (BS) of 2000Kg is also shown to indicate the maximum load that can be applied to the buckle before failure.


Working Load Limit: 1000kg (WLL) refer to manual

Dimensions: 210mm (w) x 310mm (h)

Bollard Dimension: 73mm diameter x 140mm (l)

Materials: Back Plate 5mm Steel

Fairleads: 15mm Solid Bar

Body Finish: Powder coated

Bollard Finish: Lacquered with Rust Prevention

Rubbers: 148mm (l) x 50mm (w) x 50mm (h)

Rubber Material: SBR/NR rubber

Rubber Hardness: 70 medium/hard (Shore A Scale)

Strapping System: Ratchet Handle with tail

Webbing length: 4.65m (5.0m combined with Ratchet Handle)

Weight: 4.4kg (excluding Ratchet Strap) 
              5.8kg (Including Ratchet Strap)

Rope Capacity:
9/16 in (14 mm)
2200 lbs ( 9.7 kN )
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