1/2" White Safety Blue Rope


1/2" Teufelberger White Safety Blue Rope

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1/2" Teufelberger White Safety Blue Rope


1/2" Teufelberger White Safety Blue RopeThe 16-strand Safety Blue series has dominated the market for over 15 years. The "Blue" refers to the blue safety core yarns that act as a warning flag should the rope become heavily abraded or cut. The 16-strand cover consists of tightly-plied polyester surrounding polyolefin cores which significantly reduces weight without compromising firmness and roundness. Hi-Vee is the industry standard 16-strand climbing rope. New England's design and attention to manufacturing details set Hi-Vee apart from similar ropes. First, each strand in Hi-Vee is comprised of tightly plied fibers. Other manufacturers skip the step of plying the strand yarns which makes their ropes more susceptible to snagging. Second, our strands feature fibrillated polyolefin. This fiber is a better quality fiber than the stiff MFP monofilament polypropylene used in other 16-strand climbing ropes. Fibrillated polyolefin is softer and more flexible which translates into a rope with superior knotability, better handling and no "memory" _ the rope coils nicely and does not have kinks after it's untied. The entire rope is coated with a protective finish to enhance abrasion resistance. Technical Specifications: Average Tensile Strength 7000 pounds Wt/per 100 feet 7.0 pounds Diameter: 1/2"  Elongation: 5.2% at 20% of tensile strength.

Added eyes by Rope Logic include Scannable compatibility for track and trace capability.

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