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11.7mm LimeLite Climbing Line

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11.7mm LimeLite24 Climbing Line

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11.7mm LimeLite24 Climbing Line


11.7mm LimeLite24 Climbing Line LimeLite24 - This Premium  climbing line has quickly become one of our most popular  products. Its 11.7mm size is close enough to traditional 1/2" lines that footlockers have no problems hanging on. At the same time the slightly smaller size works well in most popular mechanical climbing devices. Smaller size, less weight but all the strength to climb with confidence. Better Knotability as the internal core become quite firm when loaded and therefore behaves similar to traditional 16-strand line. LimeLite24 is a Bishop Company exclusive product.Technical Specifications: Average Tensile Strength 6500 pounds Wt/per 100 feetL 6.50 poundsDiameter: 11.7mm Elongation: less that .9% at working loadApproval:  meets CE-EN1891 Type-B and labeled (labels on hanks only)