11640 BugX Towelettes

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11640 Coretex BugX Towelettes (25 towelettes/box) **Sold by the Box**

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11640 Coretex BugX Towelettes (25 towelettes/box) **Sold by the Box**


11640 Coretex BugX Towelettes (25 towelettes/box) **Sold by the Box** Deet based insect repellents such as BugX have been shown to be the most effective way of repelling mosquitoes and ticks and thus providing the highest degree of protection against vector borne diseases such as LYME DISEASE, HUMAN GRANULOCYCTIS EHRLICHIOSIS (HGE), ENCEPHALITIS, MALARIA, DENGUE FEVER, SPOTTED FEVER and WEST NILE VIRUS.This newly approved EPA registered formula follows the suggestion from CDC to reduce the amount of DEET concentration in insect repellents. This newly approved EPA formula allows the DEET to be released in a more controlled and measured manner, permitting longer lasting performance once obtained only by high concentrations of DEET.This new water base formula is: * Non-Greasy * Non-Staining * Low Odor * Water and Sweat ResistantIt has all the claims necessary for a compliant skin care program plus the packaging that makes it affordable (towelettes, sprays and lotions) to meet every application. Bug X 30 is EPA registered in all 50 states plus Health Canada and Mexico. It?s _Your insect repellent skin care solution.Bug X 30 Insect Repellent with DEET is effective for 7+ hours against: Mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, fleas, gnats, red bugs, no-see-ums, sand fleas, biting flies, deer flies, stable flies, and black flies.
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