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5/8" x 36" Ring to Ring Sling

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5/8" x 36" Ring to Ring Sling with Double Head

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5/8" x 36" Ring to Ring Sling with Double Head


5/8" x 36" Ring to Ring Sling with Double HeadDouble Headed Ring-to-Ring Slings  are made of 12-Strand Multi Pro covered with Chafe Sleeve for extra durability. 3/4" x 36" has  two 1-1/8" Low Friction Rings and  one 1-1/2" Low Friction Ring installed with a Locking Brummel Splice. 3/4" is  color coded and has two different colored rings to determine each sideLength: 36"MSB: 21,000 lbs (in basket configuration)Quickly installed compared to block or pulleyA blue and red low friction ring to differentiate the sides up in the treeNotice:  When evaluating rigging systems it is necessary to recognize the capacity of each individual component. As with pulleys, when running lowering ropes through Rigging Thimbles the smaller the bend radius the greater the lose of load capacity. Slings with multiple Rigging Thimble will create a larger bend radius for you lowering ropes. In systems where you use a single Rigging Thimble it is important to recognize the reduced capacity in your rigging system.
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