Aluminum Ultra "O" Durolock


Aluminum Ultra "O" Durolock Auto Locking Oval Shaped Carabiner from DMM

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Aluminum Ultra "O" Durolock Auto Locking Oval Shaped Carabiner from DMM


Aluminum Ultra "O" Durolock Auto Locking Oval Shaped Carabiner from DMMThe ultra light, clean nose DMM Ultra O oval carabiners are the mainstay of our carabiner market, and for good reason. Not only do they give high strength to weight ratios and feel great in the hand, they also help to keep components of a system aligned. The deep symmetrical basket allows pulleys, webbing, ropes and even other carabiners naturally sit centrally in the oval basket but still allow easy stacking of components on either side. Any weight transfer then happens without any unnerving jumps associated with offset and D shaped carabiners.The Durolock (Dual Rotor Lock) was designed to minimise the chances of accidental gate opening, and maximise levels of security. Its complex, yet easy to manipulate gate requires four distinct actions to open, and once released auto locks back to safe. It is perfect for complex/busy rigging applications.Features:Approved to EN362:2004/BAlso available pre-drilled with a captive bar option conforming to EN362:2004/TOval shape allows central positioning of devicesI-Beam section for increased strength to weight ratioKeylock clean nose for snag free connectionHot forged and fully heat treated aluminium for lightness and maximum strengthAnodised to BS EN 7599:2010 AA10 Sealed for corrosion protectionRecommended for use with pulleys and as a general connectorAvailable in Black, Olive and Sand in our Tactical rangeIndividually marked for traceabilitySee the attachments tab for inspection and maintenance instructions.Tensile: 5376 lbs.Length: 4.25"Width: 2.48"Gate opening:  .71" Lock Type: *Triple Auto * requires four actions to prepare to open gate and gate will automatically lock upon release. **Alway double check lock and gate closure before using.**
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