Back-A-Line Support Belt


Back-A-Line Back Support Belt

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Back-A-Line Back Support Belt


Back-A-Line Back Support Belt Many studies have shown that poor posture is the root of most back problems. Lifting only exacerbates an already dangerous situation. Back pain or fatigue at the end of the day is generally indicative of poor posture during the day. The Back-A-Line belt provides a most striking difference in posture where a movement requires stability of the torso. Professionals agree that the safest lifting environment includes rigid abdominal muscles along with maintaining the natural spinal curve. Back-A-Line is a support belt designed for comfort, safety, and freedom of movement, while achieving both of those goals. Back-A-Line is a support belt designed to be worn all day to provide a safer lifting environment and promote better posture. Size Measurement Men's Pant Size Small 27" - 31" 28, 30 Medium 31" - 35"  32, 34 Large 35" - 40" 36, 38, 40 X-Large 39" - 44" 40, 42, 44 XX-Large 43" - 48" 44, 46, 48 ** Please refer to the attached guide for selecting the best fit for you body.For more data and benifits to the Back-A-Line support belt CLICK HERE