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Bouton Gray Recon 3Sixty Fogless Safety Glasses

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Bouton Gray Recon 3Sixty Fogless Safety Glasses


Bouton Gray Recon 3Sixty Fogless  Safety GlassesRugged styling in a lightweight design. Features an adjustable rubber nosepiece for enhanced comfort. Flexible bayonet temples contain rubber pads for a secure, non-slip fit. Meets ANSI Z87.1+ standard for impact.BOUTON FOGLESS® 3SIXTY™ was tested in accordance to procedures outlined in the European EN 166 standard. In performing this test, lenses were pre-treated and repeatedly exposed to moisture for an extensive period, wiping continually to simulate harsh field conditions. FOGLESS® 3SIXTY™ REMAINED CLEAR EVEN AFTER SIX MINUTES OF TESTING, NO OTHER PRODUCT WITH STANDARD ANTI-FOG TREATMENT CAME CLOSE.Hydrophobic technology repels moisture and prevents fog from gathering on lenses. Most eyewear on the market has only a light anti-fog coating that wears away quickly. Only Bouton® Fogless®3Sixty™ Technology applies a densely bonded coating that continues to bead away water and moisture, even after repeated cleaning.Lenses fog for many reasons, all of which are related to ambient temperature and moisture in the air. When a rapid temperature change occurs, micro-water droplets in the air will collect on untreated lenses, causing the lenses to fog and impede vision.FOGLESS® 3SIXTY™ TECHNOLOGY PROVIDES THE ULTIMATE FOG PREVENTION WHEN:Transitioning between warm and cool environmentsWorking in a humid or wet environmentEngaging in an activity that causes perspirationEye protection is used with respiratory equipment
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