E78BHB Pixa II Headlamp


E78BHB Petzl Pixa II Headlamp w/ Mixed Beam Design

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E78BHB Petzl Pixa II Headlamp w/ Mixed Beam Design


E78BHB Petzl Pixa II Headlamp w/ Mixed Beam Design Headlamp with mixed beam, designed for close-range work and for movementHeadlamp keeps the hands free for work: may be worn on the head with the headband, mounted on a helmet, or placed on the ground.Mounting plate for helmets without headband (included)Two lighting modes:    - a mode adapted for close-range work: mixed beam with wide, uniform base, lights to 20 meters for 12 hours (30 lumens)    - a mode adapted for movement: mixed beam with focused component in upper part of the beam allows user to move around comfortably, lights to 30 meters for 6 hours (40 lumens)Constant lighting, guaranteed lighting performance that does not diminish during its entire lifetimeReserve lighting when batteries are almost discharged: lights to 10 meters for a minimum of 10 hoursEasy to use, even when wearing gloves:    - two-mode rotating selector dial    - lamp body can be oriented to direct the light according to need (rotation up to 45°)    - fast and easy battery changeDurable:    - excellent resistance to falls (2 meters), to impacts and to crushing (80 kg)SpecificationsCertification:- ATEX: CE0080, Ex II 3 GD, Ex nAnL IIB T4,- HAZLOC: class I Groups C & D div II, Class II Group G div II, Operating Temperature code T4.Resistant to chemicals.Functions with two AA/LR6 batteries (included), compatible with alkaline batteries, rechargeable Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries, and lithium batteries.NB: by replacing your PIXA headlamp's alkaline batteries with lithium or rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries, you can double the burn time of your headlamp, with identical lighting performance (however, the ATEX and HAZLOC certifications will no longer be guaranteed).Weight (with batteries): 160 gCE3-year guarantee.
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