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Buckingham Ergovation Ergonomically Designed Climbing Saddle

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Buckingham Ergovation Ergonomically Designed Climbing Saddle


Buckingham Ergovation Ergonomically Designed Climbing Saddle.Patent pending ergonomically designed saddle conforming to EN 358 2000 Standards for Work Positioning as well as EN 813 2008 Standards for Sit harnesses.  Features include:Fully modular design for customized fit and comfortWeighs only 6 lbs. 3 oz.Ergonomically designed back pad to contour the pelvis and support the lower backClosed cell foam construction for improved hygiene Ability to remove and wash padding for improved hygieneLoad distributing design to decrease pressure on pelvisI ncreased padding in pelvis and hip regionAdjustable work positioning dee rings for comfortable and customized placement by userWaist tensioner for improved fit and abdominal stabilityCustomizable lumbar support to help maintain optimal posture when climbingSizing - fit is important to comfort.  Be sure to allow for wear over heavy clothing.  In order to obtain an optimum fit, the work positioning dee rings should be positioned slightly forward of the hip bones.  See the Attactments Tab above for additional InformationLearn How to Adjust the Ergovation for Best Fit and Performance WATCH VIDEO
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