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Rock Exotica Unicender w/ Tether

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Rock Exotica Unicender Accending and Decending Device w/ 24" Zip Tether

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Rock Exotica Unicender Accending and Decending Device w/ 24" Zip Tether


Rock Exotica Unicender Accending and Decending Device w/ 24" Zip TetherThis revolutionary device combines ascending and descending in one piece of gear. Works with both single and double rope technique, with seamless transition between ascending and descending. The unicender climbing tool is a combination ascender/descender.What makes it a break through is the fact that it can ascend and descend on single rope SRT AND ascend and descend on doubled rope DdRT. That coupled with two modes of descent make the unicender truly a new generation of climbing tool. The unicender gives you unparalleled performance on rope.The unicender gives you options so you can tailor your climbing system to the climb. Use the efficiency of SRT for those 100ft climbs. Use the auto advance feature of DdRT for those big limb walks. Use the control mode of descent for those long descents when you want to "bomb down." Use the advanced mode of descent for positioning adjustments or limb walks.Harness the versatile features of the unicender to become more efficient, safe and productive. The unicender is a high performance climbing tool but by no means is it only for professionals. Beginner and recreational climbers will find the unicender user-friendly particularly with double rope technique (DdRT.) The unicender is inherently safer than the use of separate ascender and descender devices because there is no dangerous change over at the top of the climb. The unicender offers you seamless transitions from ascending to descending and back again. Safer by design. The unicender was designed for the tree care industry but it fits applications in many rope access fields including search and rescue. If it involves rope access, the unicender is the tool of choice.The assemble includes the 3/4" x 24" Zip Tether from Sterling.Specifications:Weight: 10.9 oz (308 gm)Rope Size: 11-13 mmSee the Attachments below for complete instructions on the Unicender
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