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To Fell a Tree Book by Jeff Jepson


To Fell a Tree Book by Jeff Jepson. "To Fell a Tree" by Jeff Jepson was written for the professional tree cutter as well as the weekend woodcutter. If you intend to fell a tree and cut it up for firewood, pulpwood, lumber or food for the wood chipper, this is the book for you. It's loaded with practical and interesting information which is essential to the safety and success of any tree felling and woodcutting operation, whether it's in the forest or the backyard. The 200 plus illustrations will enable the reader to learn the necessary preparations to take before work begins, how to fell a tree using a 3-step felling procedure, fell difficult trees using felling aids and special techniques, limb and buck the tree once it's down, lift and move the limbs and wood after they've been cut, and finally, how to split and stack wood safely and efficiently. 6" x 9", soft cover book of 160 pages.
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