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Yalex Steel Snap Hip Prussic

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3/8" x 20" Yalex Hip Prussic With Steel Snaps

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3/8" x 20" Yalex Hip Prussic With Steel Snaps


3/8" x 20" Yalex Hip Prussic With Steel Snaps. Hip prussic are comonly used to length adjust berank style lanyards but have a many other uses. Constructed using Yales and a 5M test double locking steel snap, at the Yale factory in Manie. Yalex is a 100 percent high tenacity polyester 12 strand single braid. Yalex is a great all-around rope which enjoys a multitude of Arborists uses; pruner cords, adjustable slings and spider legs to name a few. This rope supplies the toughness of tree grade Maxijacket coatings which can supply up to 8 times the abrasion resistance of uncoated rope. The rope is a snap to splice, has a great strength to weight ratio, and low stretch. Yalex is a two end per carrier construction, which is more expensive to produce but creates a larger hole in the middle of the rope making new and used rope splicing easier. Technical Specifications: Average Tensile Strength 6000 pounds Wt/per 100 feet ?? pounds Diameter: 3/8"(10mm)
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