ArborTie Green 250'


250 foot Reel Green ArborTie and Guying Tape

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250 foot Reel Green ArborTie and Guying Tape


250 foot Reel Green ArborTie and Guying TapeThe newest hassle free and girdle free way to guy or stake trees. ArborTie is a flat woven tape constructed of high tenacity synthetic fiber, 3/4" wide with a break strength of 900 lbs. ArborTie fastens easily to any stake or anchoring system by tying, or simply use a staple gun. With only the wide band of low abrasion ARBORTIE  touching the tree and by utilizing the proven Arborknot tree, girdling is eliminated. Unlike wires and hoses which are not aesthetically pleasing and break down from the elements, AborTie resists problems caused by sun, cold weather, and chemicals to compliment the landscape. ArborTie is available in either white colored for visibility when guying, or green to blend with the landscape when staking.See the Attachments Tab above for additional information.
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