Tree Pithy Points by Dr. Alex Shigo

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Tree Pithy Points Book by Dr. Alex Shigo

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Tree Pithy Points Book by Dr. Alex Shigo


Tree Pithy Points Book by Dr. Alex Shigo. 950 brief messages from 40 years of Dr. Shigo talks. 78 full-color photos that punctuate some of the points. Messages cover mycorrhizae, mulch, roots, forest trees, city trees, hazard trees, pollarding, trees in large containers, worms in soil, water problems, grass problems, starch test, actinorhizae, lichens, trees in clusters, young people and trees, bracing problems, wraps, poor quality stock, trees under lines, 90-3-90 at work, insects, cracks, dissections, growth patterns, storm damage, ice injury, over pruning, new ways to kill trees, dead trees in play grounds, logs, palms over pruned, anthracnose, lightning injury, city tree canopy, and more. (160 pages)
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